Boards & Committees

  1. Agricultural Area Advisory Committee

    The committee review applications from land owners for Agricultural Security District status.

  2. Board of Supervisors

    The board is empowered to set policy, to enact legislation (ordinances), and to levy taxes.

  3. Building Code Appeals Board

    The Building Code Appeals Board is appointed by the Supervisors to hear cases where someone claims to be aggrieved by the conditions of the BOCA Building Code.

  4. Business Advisory Committee

    To provide effective financial know-how and advice to the Board of Supervisors and the Treasurer of Kennett Township on a continuing and as needed basis with the intent to create and sustain excellence in financial governance, reporting, and decision making.

  5. Communications Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to develop and manage various communication channels for the Township use.

  6. Community Pride

    It is the goal of this committee to keep our Township roads as free of litter as possible.

  7. Deer Management Committee

    Coordinates qualified hunters with landowners who allow hunters on their properties.

  8. Environmental Advisory Committee

    The primary purpose of this Council is to help local government and residents focus on preserving and guiding the use of our Township’s natural and cultural resources as we grow.

  9. Historical Commission

    The commission is concerned with identifying and preserving historical sites within the Township and promoting an awareness of the history of the Township.

  10. Indoor Agriculture Committee

  11. Land Conservation Advisory Committee

    A committee that will dilate any proposed easements and/or land purchases presented to the Board of Supervisors. Their evaluation will be based on the open space resource plan criteria.

  12. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission shall at the request of the governing body have the power and are required to prepare the Comprehensive Plan for the development of the Municipality and present it for consideration to the Board of Supervisors and maintain and keep on file records of its action.

  13. Safety Committee

    The safety committee is appointed to consider matters dealing with safety, health and environmental issues. They evaluate traffic and roadway safety, including traffic signs and speed limits. Township facilities are inspected for operational safety. The committee assists in emergency management operations and in resolving environmental issues, such as air and water quality, noise, radiation, and hazardous materials.

  14. Trails & Sidewalk Committee

    Our mission is to connect the residents of Kennett Township to our natural beauty and to each other through sidewalks and trails that promote health, safety and a sense of community.

  15. Zoning Hearing Board

    The primary purpose of the board is to help assure fair, equitable application and administration of the zoning ordinance E3 (3) number board considers applications for special exceptions and nonconforming uses as well as requests for variances and appeals from determinations made by the Township’s zoning officer. The board meets on an as needed basis.