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Alarm Registration

  1. (Assigned by Township)

  2. Type of Alarm System

  3. Audible to Neighbours by

  4. (Name)

  5. (Address)

  6. in Kennett Township. I am reporting a fire/entry/medical emergency. I am located at (Give brief directions using well known streets or landmarks). (Repeat above message) Optional: Give name and phone number of friend or neighbor who can assist in directing emergency services. Add any other specific information you think is important

  7. By registering the installation of an alarm system or the subsequent installation of such a system or by the continued use of an alarm system already installed at the effective date of this Ordinance, the owner, lessee, or user thereof shall agree and does agree that such registration or use constitutes a waiver by such person of the right to bring or file any action, claim or complaint whatsoever against any police officer, fireman or other authorized emergency service provider who, using their reasonable and best judgment, makes forced entry in response to such alarm into the premises on which such alarm is installed. If forced entry is required the emergency service provider will make a reasonable attempt to notify the owners or contact the police services to secure the property.

  8. Agreement

        that Kennett Township may provide registration information to the Fire Company, State Police and if necessary, other emergency services.

      1. Signing your name here constitutes the above information is true and accurate, and acceptance of the above terms.

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