Why Kennett Township?

Kennett Township is located in southern Chester County in the Mushroom Capital of the World. The Township was incorporated in 1703 and is home to approximately 8,900 people as well as mushroom farms and businesses. The land that comprises Kennett Township was originally owned by William Penn, which was conveyed to his children, William Jr. and Letitia. The tract known as Stenning Manor, surveyed by Henry Hollingsworth in 1701, included the land within the present boundaries of Kennett Square Borough, the Townships of New Garden, Pennsbury, and Pocopson, and several thousand acres in present day New Castle County, DE. Some of the first settlers in Kennett Township were the Lenape Indians and the township was part of the Revolutionary War and the Underground Railroad.

Kennett Township has become an attractive place to live and do business as development pushes west from Philadelphia and north from Wilmington, Delaware.. We are home to Longwood Gardens – one of the world’s greatest gardens, the Historic Village of Hamorton, Kendal Retirement Facility, Exelon Energy and many other businesses. Kennett Township totally surrounds the Borough of Kennett Square and is very proud of the thriving downtown, which our residents utilize for restaurants, shopping, etc. Kennett Township is a growing, progressive community committed to serving its residents.

Kennett Township is a proud, proactive, progressive team committed to innovation and leadership through the provision of services enhancing the quality of life in our community. Kennett Township will serve its residents, businesses and will maximize opportunities for social and economic development while retaining an attractive, sustainable and secure environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Kennett Township is committed to preserving open space throughout the township and directing development to the appropriate areas surrounding the downtown area and near infrastructure. The Board has a firm vision to make this a walkable community. Through responsible and professional leadership and in partnership with others, Kennett Township will strive to improve the quality of life for all residents living and working in the larger community.

–Kennett Township Board of Supervisors and Manager