Tax Information

Kennett Township Local Real Estate Tax

Berkheimer Tax Innovations bills and collects Real Estate Tax for Kennett Township.  All questions should be directed to Berkheimer at 800-360-8989 or 610-599-3143.

The current real estate tax rate is a total of 3.0 Mils (of assessed value), broken down as follows:

  • 2.8 mils for general government services*
  • 2/10ths mils dedicated to the library

The formula to calculate real estate taxes is: Assessment x mils divided by 1000 = tax (face amount).

*We are no longer showing emergency services as a separate line item on the tax bill.  The cost of Police, Fire and Ambulance is actually greater than the line item previously itemized.

Township Real Estate Tax bills are mailed on March 1st of each year by Berkheimer.  If taxes are paid by your mortgage company, please forward this bill to them.

To pay by check, make payable to HAB-MISC and mail to PO BOX 25144, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5144.

You can also pay online at WWW.HAB-INC.COM by credit card, checking or savings account or via phone a 866-225-8451 (a third party fee will apply).

County Real Estate Tax

Chester County Treasurer 610-344-6370

2022 = 4.551 mils

School Real Estate Tax

Keystone Collections 888-519-3903

2021-2022 School Year = 31.8707 mils 

Earned Income Tax

  • 1% earned income (for resident and non-residents
    • Split 50/50 Township/School District
  • 0.25% open space tax (on earned income for Kennett Township residents)
  • $52/year Local Services Tax (for those employed in Kennett Township)

Keystone Collections Group, has been appointed by the County of Chester effective January 1, 2011. To e-file your EIT or Local Services Tax, please visit the Keystone Collections Group. Any questions should be directed to Keystone Collection Group at 724-978-0300. If you want to file an appeal for tax penalties please visit the Chester County Tax Collection Committee to file an appeal form.

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