Historical Commission Files

Below is a current list (revised 6/21/2010) of informational files dealing with the history of Kennett Township. If you desire further details or help with any particular subject, please contact the Director of Planning and Zoning, Diane Hicks at diane.hicks@kennett.pa.us or call 610-388-1300. Diane or a member of the Kennett Township Historical Commission will then contact you.

Agriculture (see also Mushrooms) Land Trust (now Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County)
American Flag Lewis Pierce Farmhouse
Anson B. Nixon Park Longwood Gardens
Anvil Longwood Progressive Friends Meeting
ARC Stones (DE/PA Boundary Markers)
(see also Mason Dixon)
Baltimore Pike (see Roads) Maps (other than Kennett Township)
Barns Marshall
-Marshall's Mill
-Sharpless Marshall
-Tom Marshall
Battle of the Brandywine (2005 Program) Mason Dixon Line and Trail
Becker, Melchior McCord House - Fairville Road
Bloomfield Mendenhall - Village and Family
Bridges Mercer, Mary Swayne
Bucktoe Cemetery and Church Miller/Martin Farmhouse
Buffington Mills (2007 Program)
Bucktails (2010 Program) Miscellaneous
Calendars - area historic views Mushroom Growing
Chandler Mill and Bridge New Garden Township
Chandler Tract (see Lewis Pierce House) Newsletters
Chesco Historical Preservation Newsletters
Chester County History Obituaries
Churches Old Kennett Meeting
Civil War Oral Histories
Clifton Farms (see James Cloud House) Passmore
-James Cloud House
Peirce's Park (see Longwood Gardens)
Darlington Photography
Declaration of Independence Photos - inventory of albums
Delaware Pierce
Fairville/Hogtown Potter (see Gilbert Potter house)
Friends Meetings Railroad (see Trains and Trolleys)
Genealogy Red Clay Creek
Gilbert Potter House Red Lion
Greenwood Farm (Abner Marshall House) Republican Centennial 1855-1955
Greenwood Farm (Stewart Farm) Roads
-Kennett Pike/State Route 52
-Route 1
Greenwood Hall Rodebaugh, Paul - Newspaper History Articles
Greenwood School (see Schools) Rosedale
Gregg (see Joseph Gregg House) Route 1 (see Roads)
Guthrie, Marion B. Sandy Flash
Hamorton/Logtown Schools (2006 Program)
-J. Frank Hannum Diary
-Thomas Hannum house
Sears Houses
Harlan House Site Survey 1990 and 2008
Historic Preservation Springdale Farm/Mendenhall Family
(see also Mendenhall)
Historic Pamphlets Stenning Manor (Steyning)
Historic Sites (also in Amerine cabinet) Swedish Cabin (see also Cloud/Morse)
-Kennett Twp.
Taylor, Bayard
Horty, John - newspaper history articles The Pines/Fussell-Stebbins
Indians/Indian Hannah (2009 Program) Thompson Memoir
Joseph Gregg House Trains and Trolleys (2008 Program)
Kendal Tricentennial Celebration - 1982
Kennett Grange (aka Greenwood School) Underground Railroad
Kennett Pike/State Route 52 (see Roads) Wiley, Bernard
Kennett Square Woodward
-John J. Woodward Diary 1821/1874
-John J. Woodward Farmhouse
-T. B. Woodward, Sr. Farm
-Woodward Boarding House (aka Pine Hill Fruit Farm)
-Woodward Genealogy
KTHC Ordinance and History WWI and II
Landscape Views Wyeth