Auditor Presentation from BOS Meeting on Feb 5, 2020

Police Annual Report 10/2/19 Meeting 

Kennett GreenwayShared Use Pathway & Trail System Master PlanPublic Meeting 8/7/19

Open Space, Trails & Parks Master Plans Needs Assessment Public Workshop #2- 3/20/19

5 Points Intersection - 2/7/18

10/18/17 Sierra Club Presentation to the Board of Supervisors

Emergency Services Overview 5/2/18

Kennett Consolidated School District-Fast Facts

December 7th-Board of Supervisors Meeting

Presentation to Kendal by Supervisor Whitney Hoffman-Local Government

2019 Budget Presentation (12/5/18)

Police Annual Report 10/2/19 Meeting 

Stormwater Management Presentation 10/29/19

Library Capital Campaign Funding Request Presentation