Community Based Land Stewardship Initiative

We are all experiencing the impacts of rapid growth in Kennett Township and our surrounding areas. While many aspects of this growth such as economic development and new neighbors are welcomed, it also is putting pressure on our natural resources, including water quality, groundwater quantity, and air quality. To help preserve these natural resources, Kennett Township is pleased to engage with the Brandywine Conservancy to launch a unique Township-wide ‘Community Based Land Stewardship’ (CBLS) initiative. This initiative aims to promote environmentally beneficial and sustainable land management practices in landscapes of all types, sizes and uses across the Township, ranging from residential yards to commercial and industrial sites to undeveloped areas and parkland. In doing so, the initiative supports the overall goal of the Township’s Sustainable Development Office (SDO) to maintain and improve the overall natural and developed environment of Kennett Township, a key goal of our Township’s Comprehensive Plan. It’s important to recognize that the land in this area has been managed by humans for centuries, both for essential needs such as food production as well as for aesthetic and recreational uses. As a result, we have made ourselves an essential part of guiding natural processes even for undeveloped land. Many long-term factors such as disturbances of soil, introduction of non-native plant species, and changes in overall ecosystem balance make comprehensive, coordinated and active stewardship necessary to restore and support the overall environment across every type of property. 

The benefits of such stewardship include:

→ Protection of the quality and quantity of groundwater 

→ Reduction of flooding and stream bank erosion 

→ Appropriate habitat for native wildlife and flora 

→ Soil protection 

→ Healthy, attractive lands surrounding our homes, work, and recreation.