Open Space

Kennett Township

Your Home, Your Open Space, Your Township

Most of us live in neighborhoods with natural areas that are protected by ordinances and homeowner's asscoations.  Our ordinances reflect our citizens' belief that undervdeveloped landscapes within communiites are critical to protecting the hearlth, safety and welfare of all residents.  Only wiht our collective commitment can the rural character of Kennett Township be preserved while accommodating development. 

Benefits of Open Space:

  • Enhanced property values
  • A healthy human and natural environment
  • Emotional well being
  • Clean Water
  • Flood protection
  • Protection of Wildlife habitats
  • Recreation opportunities 

Community Open Space in Kennett Township contains the following habitats:


Woodlands warm the surrounding area in the winter by calming winds and cool summer temperatures with shade and through evapo-transpiration.  Woodlands absorb rainwater reducing flood damage potential and replenishing groundwater supplies and act as a natural filter of pollutants from lawns and paved areas. 

Some of our favorite song birds are interior forest dwelling species.  As our forests are cleared for development, these birds are left without breeding areas.  the only way to protect forest areas that parasitic and predator birds won't penetrate.

Streams, Riparian Corridors & Ponds-

Healthy stands of native trees and shrubs along our streams provide essential filtering of harmful pollutants before they reach the waterways and leaf litter from woodlands form the base of the food web.  Woodland shade cools the water and increases the level of desirable oxygen for plant and animal life.  Riparian stream corridors provide essential wildlife corridors and wonderful recreational opportunities.  Ponds help manage stormwater and provide fish and amphibian habitat. 


Wetlands area areas wehre ground-water comes to the surface.  Critical recharge areas for grandwater supplies, wetalands provide the richest habitat opportunities and support many threatened and endangered species such as the bog turtle.  Turtles, frogs and dragonflies inhabit wetlands and provide natural pest control for insects like mosquitoes. 


Meadows absorb rainwater and replenish the groundwater supplies.  Meadow grasses filter pollutants from runoff before they reach streams.  Meadows provide homes for meadow dwelling songbirds such as meadowlarks and bobwhite.  Butterflies inhabit meadows. Healthy meadows support habitat for wildlife that provide natural pest controls.


Hedgerows are historic remnants identifying where old fence lines and property lines once existed.  When composed of a combination of native shrubs and trees they provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.  Residents can encourage hedgerows along their property lines to strengthen the wildlife transportation corridors within the Township.  Hedgerows also provide buffering and screening from neighbors and adjacent uses.  

What you can do to support the quality of life in Kennett Township?

  • Identify Open Space
  • Plant native tree and shrub species
  • Extend the natural area into your own yard
  • Improve or plant a hedgerow
  • Protect and preserve the forest floor and woodland understory plants
  • Limit your use of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides on your property
  • Manage meadows
  • Create wildlife habitats
  • Compost your yard waste
  • Protect streams and riparian buffers