Past Presentations & Information

7/16/18 “What’s Buzzin’ in Your Garden?  - Creating pollinator-friendly landscapes”, Connie Schmotzer, Penn State Extension

2/13/19 “Managing Invasive Vines on Residential Properties”, Carl Hutchinson, The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County

3/24/19 “Invasive plant ID, removal, and replacement” Pennsylvania Master Gardeners

4/10/19 “Gardening Naturally: Small Steps for Big Impact!” Eileen Hazard, Mt. Cuba Center                                             Eco-friendly gardening works with nature, not against it. Native plants in our home landscapes and community gardens support pollinators, butterflies, and birds; benefit our water resources; and provide beautiful, healthy spaces for people to enjoy.

Mt. Cuba Center is a native plant botanical garden and conservation organization located just a few miles away in Hockessin, Delaware. This former farmland was transformed by the Copeland family into lush gardens featuring both formal and naturalistic areas, as well as over 1000 acres of preserved open space.  You can visit the Gardens from April–November, Wednesday–Sunday 10 am–4 pm, and until 8 pm on Fridays in the summer.   Mt. Cuba Center runs classes and special programming run year-round and their website is an excellent resource for information on native plants.  Visit to learn more.

5/22/19 “Establishing a Residential Meadow”, Kelly Gill, Xerces Society

6/22/19  “Wild Neighbors: Coexisting with wildlife”,  Wildlife Rehabilitation Support of PA (WRSPA).   Loving, Protecting, and Peacefully Coexisting with Wildlife  o

Community Based Land Stewardship, Deborah Gillespie, Pennsylvania Naturalist Landscape Planner