Upcoming Presentations & Events

Butterfly Garden Planting 

Saturday, May 5, 2-5pm
Barkingfield Park, 557 Bayard Rd, Kennett Township

Come join with us to plant a butterfly garden in the park and learn about what plants attract and nurture our native butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators!  We will also be leading walks in the park to teach identification of invasive plants and strategies for their removal and suppression.

“Land Stewardship and Sense of Place—Habitat and Aesthetics in the Chester County Landscape,”  

Wednesday, May 23, 7pm. Kennett Township Public Meeting Room, 801 Burrows Run Road.

Tom Brightman, Longwood Gardens Land Stewardship Manager, will share his expertise on meadow and woodland design, development, and maintenance for homeowners.   Come learn how to enhance the natural beauty of your property while maintaining the Chester County local aesthetic that makes Kennett Township special!

“What’s Buzzin’ in Your Garden?  - Creating pollinator friendly landscapes,"

Monday, July 16, 7pm.  Kennett Township Public Meeting Room, 801 Burrows Run Road

Connie Smotzer, Penn State Extension, Coordinator for the Statewide Pollinator Friendly Garden Certification Program, will explain how to create beautiful home landscapes that also support our important pollinators including native bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

“Managing Your Woodlands”

Wednesday, June 27, 7pm. Kennett Township Public Meeting Room, 801 Burrows Run Road

John Nissen, Chester County Forester, will present a management and stewardship overview for those with woodland properties.