Sustainable Energy Task Force


The Township has a task force of Township Residents to discuss and make recommendations on Sustainable Energy practices in the Township.  

The Mission of the task force is “To identify and promote cost effective sustainable Energy”.

Goals include:

  • Save money.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Convert to renewable energy.

Current Tasks:

  • Define the problem-gather data (use RF100/sierra club to assist).
  • Identify types of solutions and resources.
  • Involve the community/Public awareness/communication plan.
  • Review renewable energy ordinance.
  • Identify cost of installation for charging stations.
  • Continue to evaluate “Community Energy Solar”.
  • Evaluate the PECO lighting audit.

The task force is open to all Township Residents interested in Sustainable Energy to join.  To be added to task force and for current meeting dates, please contact Diane Hicks at

Community Resources:

Ready for 100

Did you know????  Kennett Township purchases all of our elecrticity from a Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy program?

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