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Kennett Township is proud to be a Bird Town! A Bird Town makes efforts to restore valuable ecosystem services to create a culture of conservation where everyone is a potential steward of nature in their backyard and beyond. This designation is a partnership between our Township and Audubon. If you are not familiar with Audubon, they have a century of conservation history in Pennsylvania and work to promote conservation and community-based actions to create a healthy, more sustainable environment for birds and people. Let this page be your resource for what to plant in your yard, and what birds you can attract!

YMCA Native Garden Design and Plant List
IMG_3266Plants for Birds SignThere is a new(ish) garden for you to check out! It's a Native Plant Demonstration Garden planted for birds with the help of the Audubon Society and is located behind the Kennett YMCA along the Kennett Greenway trail. For a list of plants in that garden, click the link in the heading! Our hope is that you will like what you see and bring these plants to your own yards/gardens. Doing so will help encourage a healthy native habitat and ecosystem. The more native plants you choose, the more birds you will find enjoying your/their gardens!

The 2020 Birdy Dozen
Birds and insects need native plants! For many, native plants provide essential food they can’t get from other types of plants. Have a positive impact on your local landscape by adding one or more to your garden this year. The birds will thank you!

Bird-Friendly Blooms
Whether you grow your blooms in containers, window boxes, a yard, or a traditional garden, consider adding natives to your home this season. Native plants, shrubs, and trees look beautiful AND provide critical habitat to birds, bees, butterflies, and more. Plus, they require less water and fertilizer, saving you time and money! Find more native plant ideas at 

Plants for Birds
This lists local, native plants and the birds they attract.

Not sure what native plants will thrive in your yard? These condition-based handouts from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources are sure to help!
Shady and Dry    Shady and Moist    Sunny and Dry    Sunny and Moist

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