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Kennett Township Restructuring
Enters Next Phase

Three more employees separated in realignment

Kennett Township took another step forward this week to realign its staff by separating three more employees from its ranks, according to Township Manager Eden Ratliff.

“As we’ve explained in recent months, we have been examining both the direction of the township going forward and the expertise we need in our staff from many angles and viewpoints.” Ratliff said, “As soon as I started with the Township in September 2019, we began making changes to our department structure, priorities and our staff. That process is continuing.”

“We also are reviewing expenses, including the salaries of employees. As a result, we are reshaping the positions, responsibilities and compensation of our staff to bring them into line with professionals in other townships for comparable jobs.”

“We are reshaping the township’s future,” Ratliff said. “These decisions aren’t easy and we want to respect the individuals departing and express our thanks for their past contributions.”

As part of the restructuring, three employees, Receptionist/Permit Coordinator, Cathy Rowe, Assistant to the Treasurer/Right to Know Officer, Megan Cadreau, and Assistant to the Township Manager Michael O’Brien were offered severance packages last week. Rowe worked for Kennett Township for nearly 22 years and was paid $90,189 annually. Cadreau, Assistant to the Treasurer/Right to Know Officer was employed for 16 years and was paid $91,680. O’Brien worked for nearly 5 years and was paid $72,600. “

"We will continue to make changes in the best interests of the township as needed,” Ratliff said.

If you have any questions, contact Kennett Township Manager Eden Ratliff at 610-388-1300 or Eden.Ratliff@kennett.pa.us.

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