Welcome to Kennett Township

The present land area that comprises Kennett Township was originally part of a 30,000 acre tract conveyed by William Penn to his children, William Jr. and Letitia. The tract known as Stenning Manor, surveyed by Henry Hollingsworth in 1701, included the land within the present boundaries of Kennett Square Borough, the Townships of New Garden, Pennsbury, and Pocopson, and several thousand acres in present day New Castle County, DE.

It is difficult to say who the first white settlers in the Township might have been, but it is known the Lenape Indians are native to the area. Indian Hannah, who has been called the “last of the Lenni-Lenapes,” was born just north of the junction of U.S. Rt. 1 and PA Rt. 52. She lived and worked among the white settlers of the community and died in 1803. Although she is buried near Embreeville, a marker alongside Rt. 52, just north of the Rt. 1 intersection is a reminder of her presence in the community. Read More

Meeting Info

Board of Supervisors
7:00 pm ~ 1st Wed. Work Session
7:30 pm ~ 3rd Wednesday

Safety Committee
7:30 pm ~ 2nd Wednesday

Historical Commission
7:00 pm ~ 4th Tuesday

Planning Commission
7:00 pm ~ 1st Tuesday
7:00 pm ~ 2nd Tuesday Work Session

Environmental Advisory Committee
7:30 pm ~ 4th Tuesday

Kennett Area Park Authority
7:30 pm ~ 3rd Tuesday