Who collects trash in the Township?

Kennett Township does not haul waste from the curb- you are required to sign up with an independent hauler that will pick up your trash (and recycling) curbside. Kennett Township and all of the residents are mandated by the State to recycle. If you do not recycle with your private hauler, you can recycle at the Kennett Township Maintenance Garage, located at 557 Bayard Road. The phone number for the Garage is (610) 444-5130 The following is a list of local trash haulers that service our area. This list is not exhaustive, nor do we specifically recommend or warrant one hauler over another. Information here is included for your convenience: 

AJ Blosenski, Inc(610) 444-2341 

Evergreen Waste Service (302) 635-7055 

Penn Container (610) 274-1306 

Republic Services (610) 869-2222

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1. Who collects trash in the Township?
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