What can/can't I recycle?
Guidelines for Recycling at the Curb:
Recyclables are commodities. Dirty or contaminated, they are worthless. Clean and properly prepared recyclables have value and may be turned into new products.

Items Accepted in One Container The following single-stream items are typically collected in one container at your curb:
• Aluminum cans, foil, and pie plates
• Corrugated cardboard and boxboard
• Glass bottles and jars
• Metal cans
• Mixed paper 
• Newspapers
• Plastic #1-5 and #7 containers 

Items Not Allowed:
• Caps / lids
• Ceramic cups / plates
• Crystal
• Drinking glasses
• Flower pots
• Light bulbs
• Metallic wrapping paper
• Mirrors
• Oil cans / bottles
• Ovenware
• Paint cans
• Plate glass
• Window glass

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1. What can/can't I recycle?
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