I'm selling my home in Kennett Township

In most cases, your title company has already supplied the needed information to change the name on the account and request a sewer certification for final billing. If you would like to follow up with an email please do so by emailing Denise.Serino@kennett.pa.us. Please note, you will not receive a final bill nor will an invoice be forwarded to your new address.

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1. I have a private sewer, how often does it have to be pumped?
2. How do I order a Sewer Certification?
3. I'm buying a home in Kennett Township
4. I'm selling my home in Kennett Township
5. Why am I receiving an invoice when I did not own the home during the billing period?
6. Can I pay my bill online?
7. I have Chester Water and my Kennett Township sewer bill is high. What do I need to do?
8. What are some reasons my sewer bill might increase?